Wheel of Fortune:


Wheel of Fortune

Where will it stop?! This classic casino game will easily captivate any crowd.

Las Vegas Show Girls


Las Vegas Show Girls

Take your casino event to the next level by adding Las Vegas Showgirls! Great for mixing and mingling with guests, photo opportunities and more.

Slot Machines:

Slot Machnine

Slot Machine

What’s a casino night without slot machines? We offer an assortment of great slot machines that are both enjoyable to play and help to create an authentic atmosphere.


Medium Roulette

Medium Roulette

Your favorite number will come in handy when it comes to playing this casino favorite. We offer quality roulette tables that are a must have at any event.

Double Roulette:


Double Roulette

Double your odds with this magnificent double sided casino table that features a 32″ Huxley Mohogany wheel in the middle.

Money Machines:

money wheel

Money Machine

Catch the flying cash as fast as you can as you stand in this windy bank vault! Cash can be substituted for any paper coupon to serve a variety of needs.


The Fun Machine:

The Fun Machine

The fun has arrived with the Fun Machine! Grab the cash as fast as you can while you are inside this gusty chamber. Cash can be substituted for any paper coupon to serve a variety of needs.

Prize Wheel:

Prize Wheel

Prize Wheel

Let guests take a chance at spinning the wheel to win prizes determined by you.

Let it Ride Poker:

Carribean Stud Poker

Carribean Stud Poker

This poker variation is based on the five card stud. It’s a great game for poker beginners.

Money Wheel

This simple but additive betting game will surely catch the attention of even the most experienced players.

Game Die

These oversize dice can be incorporated into a game, played on their own or used as decor.





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